Improving children’s nutrition

The Fruit Fund gives fruit to orphanages in Nepal.

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About us

The Fruit Fund is an organization working to improve children’s nutrition in orphanages in Nepal. The organization was started by Tora Toreng, who saw the need for more fruit and veggies when she volunteered at an orphanage in Nepal in 2007/8. The children had an unbalanced diet and were often ill. When she returned to Norway in the spring of 2008, she got together with fellow fruit enthusiasts and founded the initiative The Fruit Fund. Today we ensure weekly fruit rations to over 150 children. We give fruit to two orphanages in Nepal. For $200 a month these children have a better diet and improved nutrition, which means that they have a better chance of making it to where they want to go in life.
The Fruit Fund works on a volunteer basis, and our funds go 100% to fruit donations for our kids. Our funds are raised from members and events. In addition to providing fruit for the kids, we are working to become sustainable by planting fruit tree plantations in cooperation with our partner organization.
The Fruit Fund collaborates with the organization Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal. PA Nepal protects children of prisoners, providing them with education and a home. We receive frequent reports with information about our children and how our contribution matters.

Christmas market

The Christmas market is our annual event where we invite our Fruit Friends for a pre- Christmas gathering. Since 2009, we have arranged the market as a thank you to our supporters. We make rice porridge and gløgg, and it is possible to support our work by purchasing home made treats and beautiful products from Nepal. All donations go in entirety to fruit for the kids at PA Nepal.

Become a donor

The fruit fund offers memberships and welcomes donations. Please get in touch with us for more information.


The income from our members ensures fruit for 150 children twice weekly. The children live in PA Nepal’s children’s homes in Kathmandu and Sankhu. In addition, children from marginalized families in Sankhu receive fruit as part of their free schooling at PA Nepal’s children’s home.

Other donations contribute towards our project to make The Fruit Fund sustainable. We plant fruit trees and buy seeds to ensure that PA Nepal in the future will be self-sustained with fruit and veggies.

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The Board:

Tora Toreng

Anja Nicolas

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Thank you!

The Fruit Fund has been working to improve nutrition since 2008. We are so grateful to each of you that have contributed. We could not have done it without you!

We would like to give a special thanks to:

All our amazing members and supports; Inge Eidem, Tore Toreng, Carinas, Caminito.

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